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We are excited to have
the Northwest Mathematics Conference
return to the Red Lion on the River
in Portland, Oregon on October 12th – 14th 2017.

speakersKeynote Speakers:

Dan Meyer, presenter of TED Talk “Math Class Needs a Makeover” and Chief Academic Officer of Desmos
Fawn Nguyen, math teacher, presenter,  curriculum writer and author of several online curricular resources, including visualpatterns.org and mathtalks.net

Nationally Known Speakers:

Annie Fetter: Math educator with the Math Forum at NCTM.
Graham Fletcher: Classroom teacher, math coach, district math specialist with a passion for conceptual understanding through problem-based lessons.
Catherine Fosnot: Current CEO and President of New Perspectives on Learning and past Founding Director of Mathematics in the City, and the lead author of the Contexts for Learning Mathematics series as well as the Young Mathematicians at Work series.
Robert Kaplinsky: Trainer of mathematics educators who want their students to be better problem solvers.
Chris Shore: High school math teacher, coach, presenter and trainer, and author and editor of The Math Projects Journal.
Andrew Stadel: Creator of estimation180.com, math teacher, coach and consultant.
Kim Sutton: Teacher, math specialist, consultant and author of 16 titles.
Jason Zimba: Jason Zimba was a lead writer of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and is a Founding Partner of Student Achievement Partners, a non-profit organization.

Please contact the Program Chair, Marilyn Harlow, with any question.

Marilyn Harlow
Program Chair, NWMC 2017

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