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We are excited to have
the Northwest Mathematics Conference
return to the Red Lion on the River
in Portland, Oregon on October 12th – 14th 2017.

speakersKeynote Speakers:

Dan Meyer, presenter of TED Talk “Math Class Needs a Makeover” and Chief Academic Officer of Desmos
Fawn Nguyen, math teacher, presenter,  curriculum writer and author of several online curricular resources, including visualpatterns.org and mathtalks.net

Nationally Known Speakers:

Annie Fetter: Math educator with the Math Forum at NCTM.
Graham Fletcher: Classroom teacher, math coach, district math specialist with a passion for conceptual understanding through problem-based lessons.
Catherine Twomey Fosnot: Founding Director of Mathematics in the City and  is the lead author of the Contexts for Learning Mathematics series as well as the Young Mathematicians at Work series.
Robert Kaplinsky: Trainer of mathematics educators who want their students to be better problem solvers.
Chris Shore: High school math teacher, coach, presenter and trainer, and author and editor of The Math Projects Journal.
Andrew Stadel: Creator of estimation180.com, math teacher, coach and consultant.
Kim Sutton: Teacher, math specialist, consultant and author of 15 books including Dazzling Dominoes.
Jason Zimba: Jason Zimba was a lead writer of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and is a Founding Partner of Student Achievement Partners, a non-profit organization.

Please contact the Program Chair, Marilyn Harlow, with any question.

Marilyn Harlow
Program Chair, NWMC 2017

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