The 52nd Annual Northwest Mathematics Conference was held Friday, October 11th and Saturday, October 12th in Bellevue, Washington. This conference brings together mathematics teachers from all levels of primary, secondary, and undergraduate education to learn and share about mathematics and pedagogy. Next year, it will be in Portland, Oregon. Check the website for details as they become available.

Some of the speakers have given their slides to committee members to post, so that others can cite their presentations accurately.

The Northwest Mathematics Conference has an excellent reputation based on quality and diversity of presenters. Participants learn ways to engage all students in doing important mathematics. There is a focus on technology and STEM education. Appropriately, this year the conference provided multiple opportunities to learn about the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics with a focus on K 12 mathematics content, practices, and assessment.

The program committee wants to thank the exhibitors who generously provided the gifts and prizes for the Scavenger Hunt game that was included in the program supplement.

Special thanks to Justin Laniek of Math Munch for the idea for the attached hexa-tetraflexagon puzzle, designed by Joyce Frost and Christy Frary.
You can watch a Youtube video showing how to assemble the puzzle or download the video. Go to the following website for extra help with directions!